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One Year Later ….. Your Impact

Bowen to Bangladesh

One year ago today, the 1st of two major earthquakes struck Nepal with devastating effects.  Very soon after and with the help and support of Chantal Goffoz, Handicap International, Drs Peter Wing and Claire Weeks (SpiNepal) and myself to set up “From Vancouver to Kathmandu” fundraising program.  Through your generous donations, CAD$35,000 was raised and directed to the needs of SIRC.

Now I know there has been lots in the media on this 1st anniversary where most of the US$4 billion in humanitarian aid has not yet been distributed to the Nepalese one year later.  It’s all true … but the beauty of donating via people like Peter, Claire and I, is that we make sure your donations are directed to where it is most needed.  And that no time is wasted in putting your dollars to immediate work, benefiting (in this case), the families and…

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