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Diary of a Raleigh ICS volunteer in Nepal: Part 2

The Well-Travelled Postcard

bhalu khola kropcircle v4

We’re now 7 weeks and 2/3 of the way through our Raleigh ICS project in Nepal and have completed Phase 2, which simply flew by. For a bit more background of why I’m here, take a look at the following posts: En Route to Nepal and The First 3 Weeks of Raleigh ICS in Nepal. At the end of Phase 1 I wrote a tome of a blog post about the highlights and the things I learned (read that here), so I wanted to write another similar post. Summing up 3.5 weeks of work and life in one post is no easy task but I also tried to pre-schedule a few posts throughout the last month, such as a blog post on the digital detox and the new luxury of switching off, an opinion piece on why my passport is my most valuable possession and some poetry from…

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