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One month in a monastery – the good, the bad and the understanding there is no such thing – 1. Where it began

Happy Nomad

And then I finally did it. I had been thinking about this idea for quite a while. The November course at Kopan monastery. One month in a monastery in Nepal. Sounds exciting? boring? crazy? weird? Well, I came across all sorts of facial expression when I talked to people about my plan – including my own in the mirror, sometimes.

Now, some people asked me: Why? Why do you want to do this?

I guess, as with so many other things in life, this was something that slowly developed. A process, a journey – a journey each and everyone of us is on – a journey which is different for every single being. A journey we so often are not aware of. 

When did my journey, well this particular journey start? Although I have had a keen interest in Buddhist philosophy and philosophy in general for many years, a big turning…

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