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Life post-blockade in Nepal

Bowen to Bangladesh

My friend in Kathmandu sent another update on the joys of full tanks of petrol, and tribulations of sourcing cooking gas and a regular supply of electricity.  Oh, and the concept of “11th hour syndrome”.

Here’s her story copied here with her kind permission.


Last weekend I scored, big time! I received a text message from a friend who lives near the petrol pump (6 kms from my house) around 7 am that the pump was open and only a few cars in line. Throwing on clothes, throwing in my jerry can (just in case, although I had been told by others they were not filling jerry cans) I drove down to the pump. Only 10 cars ahead of me. Hope rose as the Mercedes in front of me received a full tank of petrol AND an extra 2 liters in the driver’s container. After filling my car they…

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