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Kathmandu is when a cat has a haircut like a man

Wine Slow

I will be posting updates for Kathmandu on here. I know it’s meant to be about Dancehall, Afrobeats and Soca but there’s no fan base to upset and it’s easier than creating a whole new blog.

I’ve had a few requests for updates from various family members and friends so I’ve decided to post it up here for anyone interested. My week can be split in to two parts: tourism and training. Both have revealed aspects about Nepal that tell, in my opinion, a sad story. A few provisos before I begin though. Firstly, although I will try to write weekly, there are regular power cuts in Kathmandu a technique called ‘load sharing’ which has been in place since 2006. I naively though this was a symptom of the earthquake and though several issues have been caused by that, Nepal’s issues run far deeper. This results in dodgy Wi-Fi (Nepal…

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