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(Part I) The Gorkha Earthquake 2015: Economic Impact on Nepal Tourism


Tourism 1(Photo Source: Google)

Tourism in Nepal

The rate of economic growth of any nation is directly related to its industrial development. In this regard tourism industry is certainly one of the major aspects of Nepalese economy. Apart from providing employment to the people, tourism also helps create national income by utilizing its natural resources as well as conserving socio-cultural heritages. In the process, it helps improve the living standard of the people, the prime objective of any development activity of a country.

Like many other economic sectors, the potential of tourism in Nepal is yet to be explored and realized. It would not be an exaggeration to identify the tourism in Nepal as still a crawling industry through its infancy. Being a labor intensive service sector, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has recognized it as a potential sector for the economic development and a major source…

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