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Cleaning Nepal, brick by brick



The 2015 earthquake has given Nepal an opportunity to adopt cleaner brick kiln technologies.

Alok Gupta reports from Kathmandu

According to a 2015 World Bank report, Nepal would need one billion bricks to reconstruct 650,000 buildings damagedby the massive earthquake in April lastyear. For the purpose of reconstruction, the brick production in Nepal in 2016 alone will increase by 1.5 times from what it was last year.

But a substantial number of kilns have been damaged in the quake. Most of these were coal-fired and based on highly pollut¬ing old technologies. The owners now have the opportunity to adopt cleaner technolo¬gies. The production of one billion bricks with older technology kilns would emit 39,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, estimates the report. Here lies the challenge for the government of Nepal: to rebuild the coun¬try without causing severe pollution.

In Kathmandu, for instance, 108 of the 112 kilns were destroyed, says…

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