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Nepal, or I hated hated HATED this country

IMG_8318 No Photoshop needed. This soot filter is all real.

IMG_8305 Time for a swim?


I really wanted to see Nepal. We booked this trip three days before the earthquake, and fretted about this country, this culture, these cultural artifacts lost. I bemoaned when our tour company, after initially reassuring us that we would go to Nepal as scheduled, backtracked and offered us a tour of the South of India instead. I exhaled (shoop shoop) when they back-backtracked and restored the Nepal part of the trip, with a representative saying to me when I called to discuss it, “They need our money and it’s basically safe.”

And indeed, it is basically safe. Asterisk that, as by safe they mean, “No buildings are falling down anymore.” They didn’t mention how the country, even more so than polluted India, smells like burning trash, and that breathing is a luxury only available in a purchased…

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