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Yesterday’s fundraiser a hit!

Bowen to Bangladesh

I always worry whenever I do a fundraiser, that no one will turn up and I’ll be like Billy No Mates at the Gallery …. but I should not have worried so much.


Bowen Island’s finest came out showing their full support for me and SIRC, and those who could not make it send their love and support (and cheques too – I am so grateful to live in such a caring community.

Everything went off a treat thanks to the team of volunteers who helped me

  • set up the Gallery (Bowen, Casey and Brinley Wright)
  • run the computer (Ian),
  • serve the Dal Bhat and milk tea (Kate, Heidi, Weldon and Judi),
  • handle tix at the door and cash-wrangling (Bev and Muriel),
  • raffle sales (Jlonka) and
  • the silent auction gang (Bonnie and Cathy)
  • silent auction shopping crew in Bhaktapur (Sangita, Nikita and Nistha)

Thank you slide

With lots of leftover food, someone had…

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