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Nepal, my first 2016 adventure – week 1 and 2

gypsyfoody - on the road

Writing in the dark, as we have a power cut that is now lasting 24 hrs, here are daily power cuts, and the whole city is divided in 7 zones. The family house where I am staying now is in zone 4, there is an app (see pict) that give you the daily schedule for the power cuts by zone, very 21th century …. lasting this long is a bit unusual, and the house battery that helps with some basic electricity in between the cuts, run out this morning. My first week in Kathmandu went well, I sleep 14 hrs the first 2 evenings, did some sightseeing, and I found a school where to volunteer a few days per week, it is called SERC and it helps kid with physical disabilities. I also visited the offices of Dolma Foundation, where I will provide free consultancy to Dolma Ecotourism, a tour company run…

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