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Nepal And Nowhere To Go


Apologies for the absence and lack of posts, since Kathmandu there’s been a lot of riding to make it to Thailand for Christmas and visits from family. Hopefully now there’s some beach time coming up it’ll give chance to catch up. So without further ado.

The tyres were on route to Kathmandu and the desire to get the hell out of India was strong. Compared to the Wagha where I’d entered India,  I expected my exit to be much more straight forward with significantly less patriotic fanfare,  what I hadn’t bargained for was getting  a mile into Nepal before realising I’d crossed an international border. If it wasn’t for the change in army uniform prompting the question to a soldier ‘what country is this?’ I could have ridden all the way to Kathmandu unchecked. No signs, no barriers just hundreds of 125cc bikes buzzing across the bridge separating Raxual and…

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