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Massive earthquakes, New Constitution and Indian blockade in perspective of building a New Nepal

The Newah (द नेवाः)

– Dr. Suwarn Vajracharya

Two massive earthquakes shook peoples of Nepal in April and May in 2015. Both of these natural calamities not only took the lives of over 9000 innocent peoples but also destroyed world heritages of Nepal which had stood thousands of years in the past. The destructions not only brought unprecedented burden on the peoples but also impediments to building a New Nepal. Building a New Nepal has been a long cherished desire of the Nepalese peoples for the past sixty years. With the election of Constituent Assembly (CA) in May 2008, Nepalese peoples felt greater relief and had hoped that they will finally get a new Constitution by the end of the first two year term of the CA leading to build a New Nepal. But disputes among the political parties in power prolonged CA for five more years leaving the task of drafting the…

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