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I’m here ….

Bowen to Bangladesh

I’m here and it feels real good.  Esha welcomed me home and tis true, Nepal is a 2nd home to me.  It’s like as if I never left.

My flights through China to Kathmandu were on time and uneventful.  There were a handful travelling from Vancouver to Kunming, each of us connecting to different locations from there.  An interesting group if there was ever one, including a fellow from Myanmar living in Calgary returning home to his native country after the elections.  How proud and excited he was!  I learned much of the decades leading up to these historic elections, including his exile some 20 years ago.  He proudly holds a Canadian passport but like myself, and probably any immigrant, holds his country of birth close to his heart.

My flight from Kunming to Kathmandu was just under three hours, but how awesome (in the true sense of the…

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