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Trekking in the Khumbu (4/4): Striving

Poet without borders

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Each of my adventures, each of my treks has had its soundtrack, its words or melody to help push myself a little further, a little higher. The one that has marked my Khumbu experience, even though it would have been justified to bring it in any of the first three texts, could not be more appropriate here:

Once upon a younger year
When all our shadows disappeared
The animals inside came out to play
When face to face with all our fears
Learned our lessons through the tears
Made memories we knew would never fade

– Avicii (The Nights)

But I’m going too fast. Let’s return to where we were, in Chhukung.

4e map Days 1 to 16

Days 17 to 26

So I’m in Chhukung…

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