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Numbing peppers, cephalapods and new friends on the Annapurna Circuit


So after coming over Thurong La Pass you come into Muktinath. It was nice to be in the area with someone who is used to giving history and information rather than going it alone and missing out of so much culture. The guide I met in Thorung Phedi, Ram Rai, and his son and client from Japan were new walking partners for a bit. Muktinath is a very sacred place for both the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist cultures and a great example of how two religions can share the same holy place. Muktinath’slocal name is’Chumig Gyatsa’ which translates to ‘hundred waters’. The central shrine of Sri Muktinath (Muktikshetra) is considered one of the eight most sacred shrines for Hindu Vaishnavasandmeans ‘place of salvation’. The outer courtyardhas 108 bull faces through whichice cold ‘sacred’ water pours and devotees of the religion can at times be seen being bathed by the…

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