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Mera Peak day 11 – making it to high camp


I’m not sure how I slept. Well I think until about 1am when I had to get up for a wee. A far less painful experience than I was expecting. The most difficult thing was walking in plastic boots that weren’t done up properly, and or course being completely out of breath when I got back to the tent! There was a toilet tent there set up by some other people but it was pretty full and gross! I continued to fart excessively all night. To the point where I was getting severe stomach pain. I also think I was hungry and dehydrated. When I got back from the loo my sleep was fitful. I listened to some music and slept on and off until the sun came up and the movement started.

We had French toast and frankfurters with garlic for breakfast and black tea.

I must have drunk…

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