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चियागफ: About culture of learning with Saurav Shrestha


This post is result of inspiring online conversation with an architect and activist, Mr. Saurav Shrestha.

Most of things here are directly copied from the conversation though I edited few things here and there. Please feel free to join the discussion in the comments.

It is difficult to admit, but we are on brink of CULTURAL COLLAPSE. A massive downhill apocalypse that will seize our identity of being Nepali and shatter our national pride.

We have forgotten our past, we don’t care for our present, only we do dream carelessly about our future. We, the people, are even NOT carefully thinking about what we are accepting in name of Modernism, or Globalization. We admire foreign elements penetrated in our lives but forget to grasp its essence. We simply imitate what others do, speak, listen and think.

Moreover, we, the educated folks, are not doing anything for our profession or our…

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