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Around the Annapurnas in Eighteen Days

The Do In Kathmandu

Saturday tenth of October, twenty-fifteen, the Year of our Lord

It was with feelings of hearty excitement — but also, dare I suggest, a little trepidation — that our party set forth today from the Olde Kathmandu Dockes on what is sure to be a most wondrous adventure.

Our vessel, the HMS Mahindra, was loaded with such necessities and accoutrements as we had been led to believe would be necessary for our survival in the harsh Annapurna clime that is to be our destination: thick duck-down jackets, preserved rations, walking poles, wineskins, smelling salts and the like.

I might here say something of our party, which presents a most queer assortment of characters. Of course there is the swarthy bearded Captain Leon, who assembled the crew and is overseeing the whole expedition. We have a Naturalist who means to document the unique landforms we shall no doubt encounter, as well…

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