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The Way of the Potato

Kathmandu is this place that a lot of people just seem to hold in their minds/hearts/memories as this ephemeral, almost mythical Xanadu where you can drink the milk of paradise – where ‘milk of paradise’ could mean either ‘copious amounts of hash’ or ‘mango lassi’ – and undertake a journey of enlightenment in a spiritual land far removed from all the commotion and luxury of our modern day lives. I lost count of the number of people who told me how much they absolutely loved it, found themselves there, and desperately wanted to go back.

Allow me to translate what most visitors to Kathmandu actually mean when they say those things. Marijuana is plentiful and cheap, and if that is your thing, you’ll love Kathmandu because stoners abound not only amongst the tourists, but even the locals, and it’s not generally thought of as a drug. If finding yourself means…

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