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Assault on the senses

Lots of Love, Lucy

I’m writing this blog, like most others, whilst travelling to our next destination. This time we’re hurtling around hair pin bends on a beat up local bus bound for Chitwan, a national park in southern Nepal. The journey is accompanied by deafening, but none the less beautiful, Nepali music and blaring horns from the reckless traffic. It’s been three days since I arrived so I’ll fill you in on the bits in between and how I got to be sitting here, next to a local man praying, presumably that the bus driver will get us there in one piece …!

My first introduction to the country was made by an elderly Nepali man who sat next to me on the plane. As we descended into the hugely over populated city of Kathmandu, crammed full of colourful concrete buildings, he pointed out the mountains that surround the city and with…

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