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Bhai Phute Gawar Lute

Bhukampa Proof

“Bhai Phute Gawar Lute” is a Nepali saying that I have been hearing from my mother since my childhood days. Literally it means that if brothers do not get along with each other, then even an idiot an take advantage of them. This saying applies to what is happening in Nepal today.

The India-Nepal border blockade has been in effect for over a month now. We are still suffering from shortages of many essential supplies such as petrol, diesel, and cooking gas. Eventually people who had alternatives are starting to suffer. We are running out of cooking gas as well. Nepali people are very resilient. We have learned to live through many things: civil war, corrupt government, out of control inflation, unemployment, stagnant salaries, lack of drinking water supply, 18-20 hours per day of power-cuts, earthquakes, and now this blockade. I am not sure if this is a good thing…

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