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Kathmandu: My Fondness for Monkeys, Doughnuts and Dhal Baht

Pick Up Your Compass

Overall during my month or so in Nepal, I reckon I would’ve spent just under a week in Kathmandu. Whilst I met a few people who didn’t like it for no other reason than the fact that it’s busy, dusty and a little overwhelming, to me it was brilliant. Despite the fact that I’m more at home among the rivers and trees, I’ve travelled to quite a number of busy cities over the last few years. For the most part, as soon as you hit the streets with your giant backpack which just screams ‘tourist’, you’re approached by a number of people offering you everything under the sun: “Come to my restaurant,” “Come into my shop,” “Student price,” “Looking is free.” But in Kathmandu, this was really kept to a minimum and when people did approach occasionally it was totally non-confrontational. It made me warm to the city immediately.


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