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The blockade continues – international assistance being called for

Bowen to Bangladesh

As well as being the co-founder of SIRC, Kanak Mani Dixit is a journalist, publisher and activist based in Kathmandu.  He along with a number of concerned colleagues, released an Independent Citizens’ Call on International Community to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Nepal.  Please click the link to read it in full.

Earlier this month, I wrote a posting that described how SIRC was handling the effects of the blockade.  As the weeks move along, the effects of the blockade along the India/Nepal border is making life more dire for those already adversely affected by the April and May earthquakes.

My friends Drs Peter Wing and Claire Weeks (SpiNepal) have distributed Kanak & colleagues’ letter to various media outlets here in Canada, in the hope it will be picked up so that the little known story can reach the international community.

Please do your best to raise awareness so that the international community to step in and address this crisis in Nepal.

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