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Nepal earthquake: six months on

CAFOD Lancaster Blog

Did you know….6 months since Nepal was devastated by an earthquake, your donations to CAFOD are helping tens of thousands of people who lost their homes to stay warm this winter? Around 400,000 people are living in makeshift shelters or temporary camps in areas above 1,500 metres, where temperatures are likely to fall below freezing this winter. There will be difficult months ahead. CAFOD partners are supporting families, providing warm clothes, blankets, solar lamps, fuel, and the materials and techniques they need to make their shelters warm enough for winter.


Thank you for donating more than £3.7 million to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Your questions answered about the Nepal earthquake and our response

Help us respond to emergencies as soon as they happen

We provide a weekly ‘CAFOD fact’ as a short ‘Did You Know?’ to parishes across the Lancaster Diocese, which they print in their parish newsletters. If you…

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