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Nepal Revisited – Day 16

The life and times of Perry...

IMAG0414This morning I was woken up @ 4:00am by the sound of a rooster crowing by the tent.

As I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable I heard the voice of Basanta in the tent next door and he explained that Heather was staying in his house.

After a brief exchange of laughter fortunately I was able to roll over and get at least another hours sleep before it became unbearable and I just had to get up.

Many of the villagers were already taking advantage of the early morning rays, which were breaking up the mist that was circulating and were preparing breakfast, or busying themselves getting things ready for the day. And it wasn’t long before breakfast was ready for us to eat as well. Goat meat & noodles along with a hot black tea…

After breakfast and some business talk around additional assistance we may be…

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