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Arrival in Birendranagar

the life aquaponic

We awoke in Hotel Panchakoshi and decided that the first thing we should do was find a hotel to take up long term residence in. Robert and Jenessa would be staying for 20 days more, but Carla and Cal would be staying for 80 days (maybe more).

After an interesting nights sleep in Panchakoshi, which was welcoming enough but certainly not clean or well maintained, we decided to check out the Shani Resort, which was the local equivalent of the Ritz.

Hotel Hunting

After an hour or so of walking, we arrived at the Shani Resort, which looked like a grand European villa. The open courtyard was surrounded by trees and a large gate, replete with a 24 hour manned guard-post.

The air conditioned lobby was clean and stocked with the day’s newspapers in both Nepali and English, and the staff were dressed in pristine matching shirts and trousers. The…

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