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Exploring Kathmandu’s Mind-blowing Heritage (2)

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Durbar Square in Bakhtapur Durbar Square in Bakhtapur

During my stay in Nepal , I visited Bakhtapur and Patan, two of the Royal Cities of the Newari Kingdom which dominated the Kathmandu Valley  until mid-eighteenth century.  Most of the important and well preserved temples, monuments and shrines are found in their famous Durbar Squares which are delightful examples of Newari art, architecture and workmanship.  Or maybe ‘were’ would be more accurate as much of Nepal’s rich heritage was destroyed in the April earthquake and many of the famous temples and shrines lie in ruins, waiting for conservation experts to rebuild them in a more earthquake proof manner.   Although many of the Nepali pagoda style temples still stand proud in the midst of the squares, several of the stone, Indian temples are almost completely level with the ground.  Stacks of salvaged bricks and lines of rescued statues and sculptures bear witness to the resilience of…

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