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Remembering Patan Durbar Square

No Excess Baggage


With well-preserved structures dating back to the 1600s, Patan Durbar Square has been considered a UNESCO Heritage Site — a true gem of Nepal. I was lucky enough to visit this place before the big Nepal Earthquake and it is just an amazing sight to see. I have never seen an architecture so intricate and unique anywhere else I’ve been and it actually surprises me how they’ve been standing for so long and just survive the elements (except for the earthquake).


The Durbar square is actually a complex of Hindu temples though Nepal is a unique mixture of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Both religiions sit side by side at peace. (How I wish Islam and Christianity co-existed peacefully here in the Philippines.) Because of this openness in religion, the experience is so unique that I don’t think there’s any other country in Central Asia that has this kind of dynamic in…

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