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Earth Bag Training and Fundraising for Phaskot

Life Without Borders

Chris and I just returned to Kathmandu after a 3-day Earth Bag building training. We joined a group of other long-term travelers, environmental enthusiasts, rebuilding Nepal volunteers and local Nepalese guys to learn about this awesome, Eco-friendly, low-cost, earthquake-safe building method. The company who led the training is called First Steps Himalaya (FSH) and their main focus is on training Nepali teachers in alternative, interactive teaching methods in order to improve the quality of education and level of student engagement in Nepali schools. In early 2015, with the support of a group from New Zealand, FSH began an earth bag construction project to build a school in Sangachok. They chose this building method mainly because of the low cost and because it cuts down on the headache of having so many materials transported out to the village from Kathmandu. Construction happened to be completed several days before the earthquake. When…

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